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About Us

Welcome to Rodner German Shepherds, a prestigious German Shepherd breeding program, where excellence meets companionship. With an unwavering commitment to raising exceptional World-class German Shepherds, Rodner German Shepherds takes pride in producing remarkable dogs that are also beloved family members and reliable service companions.

Ethical Breeding

At our core, we value the profound bond between humans and dogs. 

  • Breeding program with impeccable, world class / world champion lineage
  • Early socialization, interactive training, and regular health checks 
  • German Shepherd puppies with stable nerves and temperament 
  • Trained to seamlessly integrate into family and service lives 

3 Year Genetic Health Guarantee  

Whether you’re seeking a loving addition to your family or a skilled partner for service or therapy work, our German Shepherd dogs exceed expectations. Our commitment extends beyond the moment you take your puppy home with our 3 year genetic health guarantee. Discover the epitome of German Shepherd excellence intertwined with warmth and reliability in our “working show line” World-class German Shepherds.

Certified Training 

Owning a Rodner German Shepherd Dog comes with many benefits that set them apart as exceptional companions. 

  • Unmatched temperament 
  • Exceptional Trainability 
  • Versatile Capabilities 
  • Health and Longevity 
  • Legacy of Excellence 

To accomplish such wonderful behavior in our beautiful dogs, we rely on our training team led by Barrie Rodner. As a certified dog trainer for all breeds and behavioral needs, Barrie was under the tutelage of Worldclass breeders for over 9 years. Before that, Barrie worked with rescue dogs. Our breeding philosophy relies on transparent pedigree information about our dogs and training our puppies in a home environment with early daily socialization. 


Our German Shepherds come from a lineage of excellence, starting with our stud, Robby. All of our dogs are known for their excellent confidence, superior conformation, working abilities, and temperament. When you bring one of our World-class German Shepherds into you life, you’re not just welcoming a dog – you’re welcoming a part of an extraordinary legacy built on generations of dogs bred with a strong emphasis on genetic health that leads to a better quality of life. 

About Our Dogs 

Starting with Robby, our world-class German Shepherd stud, he’s the pinnacle of excellence in both lineage and capability. With impeccable conformation, remarkable intelligence, and a gentle yet commanding presence, he embodies the epitome of the breed’s finest traits. Our dogs feature black and red (mahogany) pigment with a dominant black mask. All of our dogs have their hips and elbows certified with OFA and are registered with the Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) and American Kennel Club (AKC). All of our breeding dogs receive genetic testing for temperament, balance, and health, including DM. They are leash trained, texture trained, socialized, and outdoor trained as of 6 weeks old and are raised in a home environment with daily play, including children. Nutella, Cinny, Quelle, and Xenia join Robby as the very best of our dogs. Our proven lineage of champions and exceptional temperament makes our puppies the ideal family dogs and service dogs for your family. 

About Rodner German Shepherds 

Rodner German Shepherds is a dog breeding and dog training program located in New Jersey. We provide home environment training with ethical breeding and transparent pedigree of World-class German Shepherd dogs. Our team has training expertise with all kinds of breeds, from German Shepherds to rescue dogs, bringing a passion for providing you with the best family dog and service dog. For more information on our puppies for sale and service dogs, contact 973-666-0362 today. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more interactive training photos and puppy videos.

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